How to Install an Aerial on a Flat Roof

Sometimes TV aerials or satellite dishes have to be installed on a flat roof if the reception equipment has to be fitted onto the roof of office or flats where wall mounting an aerial would cost too much and make repairs and servicing difficult.

Installing the aerial on the roof is a great way to hide it as it can be put on the centre of the roof so it can’t be seen from the street. This means it’s a good option for listed buildings or buildings that would have its design spoiled by TV receiving equipment.

But how is an aerial installed on a flat roof? If you know how it is done, you can ensure that your aerial installer does the best job. And if you’re a handy DIYer, you might even be able to do it yourself.

1. Use the right mount

To install an aerial on a flat roof, you need a non-penetrating mount, which comes in different sizes. The size you need depends on the wind loading of the dish or aerial you need to fit.

flat roof mount for aerial
Penetrating roof mount. Image via Pinterest

The mounts are made of a galvanised metal frame with a pole mount and spaces for paving slabs. The weight of paving slabs holds the mounting hardware to the roof without damaging the roof itself.

2. Fit the mounts

Fitting the mounts is not difficult, but it is hard work. You need to lift the mounting equipment and aerial up onto the roof, including the paving slabs. Make sure you lift all equipment safely so you don’t hurt your back.

3. Connect it all up

It should be easy to connect your aerial. Usually, you can connect your TV aerial to your property’s lightning protection equipment.

This is where it might be easier to get an aerial company to install your aerial on your flat roof. You want to make sure you connect everything properly and don’t damage the equipment.

If you’d be happier to have an aerial installer come to fit your TV receiving equipment, simply use our service to get up to 4 quotes from local companies.

Emily Rivers

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